Thursday, October 3, 2013

Aerospace Dispensing Systems

Nordson SEALANTEQUIPMENT has partnered with FANUC America Corporation and Fori Automation toprovide the latest technology for the application of cartridge packagedsealants and adhesives.  This application combines the accuracy of servo dispensing using FANUC Integrated Servo Dispensing (ISD) control with Nordson SEALANT Equipment’s Multi-Cartridge Servo Dispenser.  The FANUC America robot is mounted to a Fori Automation Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). The AGV allows the robotic sealing application system to be precisely located at multiple work stations providing flexibility in the manufacturing process.  The Nordson SEALANT EQUIPMENT Multi-Cartridge Servo Dispenser (MCSD) is manipulated by the robot to apply a precise consistent application.  The production proven combination of FANUC process control and Nordson SEALANT EQUIPMENT dispensing technology provides the next generation of robotic sealant dispense capability.
Precise Flow-Volume Control  (Typically ±1%)
Programmable Flow-Rate Control
Manual or Automated Cartridge Changing
Designed for Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
Designed to dispense Aerospace Adhesives in 6 or 12 fl. oz. Cartridges
Uses standard disposable dispense nozzles

AGV's / AGC's for Aerospace

Autonomous vehicles for moving and locating heavy loads precisely.
Fori’s heavy payload AGV’s are designed and manufactured for applications where conventional AGV solutions cannot meet the requirements. The high voltage (312V) power supply can use any commercially available servo motor and can achieve speeds of 0 to 19.7 in. / 500 mm per second or higher depending on the specific need.
Not only do the AGV’s move equipment they also facilitate assembly, welding and machining of large components. Tools, dies, ingots, casks, oversized containers, fixtures, vehicles, pallets or any other large component can be moved / lifted of placed with Fori’s custom designed AGV. Capabilities range from 2 tons to over 200 tons, with automatic, manual or remote controls.
Fori developed 12-inch-wide precision magnetic measuring device gauges the intensity of the magnetic field and enables a vehicle to position itself at an assembly station to an accuracy of ± 5 mm, positioning repeatability = +/- 2mm. Each AGV measures 67 inches wide, 181 inches long, and 28 inches high. It supports tooling that, combined with the Center Wing section, weighs about 12,000 pounds. The tooling is transported to 14 process stations and each AGV must hold that tolerance every time it is moved. The Fori AGV is fully maintainable top side down without having to lift the AGV off the ground. At each station, the tool clamps onto pillars built to hold it, so that the tool is held rigidly in order to maintain hole accuracy when being drilled by the autodrills. An AGV comes in beneath the tool and picks it up, then works through safety protocols before moving the tool out of one station and into another. Each time an AGV slides under the tooling, the stanchions release and a cup and cone arrangement clamps the AGV to ensure a secure engagement. This required the navigation, guidance, and propulsion systems to synch, as well as the servomotors in the lifting mechanism.